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Utilise your Crypto Funds by investing with The Resort Group PLC and its Real Estate Investment products. Get your property ownership title registered in cadastre.

Why Make a Crypto Investment to a Resort Real Estate in Cape Verde

We are bringing you the opportunity to make an investment by any cryptocurrency. The Real Estate market situation has been changing rapidly. We react to the situation by updating our business investment model. Now we can provide you with the unique opportunity to buy a Dream Resort Real Estate by any cryptocurrency.

We Offer More than Real Estate! We Offer an Income-Earning Property and Partnership in Tourism

We offer you to become a property owner and a financial partner in the success of our 5 stars resorts. To become the owner of our Real Estate is not difficult at all. We have 3 very flexible investment models which you can enter.

We Offer 3 Flexible Models Which Can Be Paid by a Cryptocurrency

1. Full Property Ownership - an investment of approx. €192.450 – a guaranteed rental income up to 7% p.a.
2. Partial Property Ownership - an investment from approx. €118.000 – a guaranteed rental income up to 7% p.a.
3. Offset Incentive - Pay 65% of the Full Property purchase price and let your Unit generates the rest. After 6 years your Unit is fully paid, and you start to receive a rental income.

We can guarantee you the rental income because we have the exclusive pre-occupancy agreement with TUI, the largest tour operator in the world. This agreement ensures a minimum occupancy rate among our operational resorts of 59% all-year-round. This agreement enables us to guarantee your guaranteed rental income. Besides the guaranteed rental income, Cape Verdean Real Estate Market demonstrates a Capital Growth on average 5% p.a. Buy now and see your property increase in value every year besides the guaranteed rental income paid on a quarterly basis.

Consider Your Investment Strategies Due to the Current Worldwide Situation on the Financial Markets

Money in a bank will be highly affected by inflation. Compared to that investment in Real Estate in Cape Verde with guaranteed rental income returns is much less affected. Financial assets such as stocks and bonds are highly fluctuating. Property Investment is one of the safest investment options due to the steady growth in property values. Cape Verde is an upcoming market showing property values increase every year, even during the financial crisis of 2009 when large economies sharply declined.
We know how to safely utilize funds you invest with us and help you to capitalize on their value.

Become a Property Owner in one of the Greatest Places in the World, Cape Verde, with Excellent Rights and Benefits

1.Guaranteed rental income underpinned by the pre-occupancy agreement with the largest tour operator in the world
2.Steady year-on-year capital growth
3.Up to 5 weeks of free personal use
4.The Cape Verdean islands are small and the potential to develop a touristic property is limited. This results in exclusive property ownership for our partners-investors

About Process How You Become a Real Estate Owner and Start a Unique Ownership

Choose one of our flexible investment models, and choose if you want to pay with cryptocurrency, regular money, or a combination of both.

Contact us for more information regarding the best investment option for your needs. The whole investment process can be done in less than 24 working hours. Last but not least – the investment process and any support you need during the process will be done on a personal level. We are looking forward to you contacting us.


Choose your property & become a real estate owner within 24 hours.

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